Sunday, July 31, 2011

You're Invited!

Ms. Strawberry Cupcake formally invites you to Mr. Souffle's surprise birthday party!

When: Sept. 1st 2011

Where: this blog

Bring your own sprinkles.

Being freshly graduated and new to the animation industry brings lots of energy drains, like frustration, excitement and I'm too tired to think of a third thing. Dumping a new film on top of this is certainly no less than a challenge; one I entered with a sparkle in one eye and a twitch in the other. That's part of the appeal though. Finding something you want to devote lots of time and energy to is always special.

Above is a background minus some elements that will be animated. Below is a quick animation experiment. More to follow hopefully soon.

Surprise Party Animation Test from Scott Lewis on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Here's our group at last week's meeting.  We've shifted from my apartment to our local Bridgehead coffee house, since we didn't feel hip enough in my living room.  We're getting together again tonight.
We're about to hit a wall.  Most of the group are at the stage where they need to start animating, so the really tough work will commence.  At this point, it's up to these guys to just start doing the hours.  I'm hoping they can see it through, but this is where they could begin to drop off the radar.
Wish us luck.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

grad films: the Restricted Section, by Kat Ellesworth

Third year film - The Restricted Section from Katherine Ellsworth on Vimeo.

grad films: Jackpot, by Ryan Wright

Next up is Jackpot, by Ryan Wright.  There was no deliberate intent to post the films by the only guys in the group first, it just kinda happened that way.
Apologies to the ladies.

Jackpot from Ryan Wright on Vimeo.

grad films: Dr Decapus, by Scott Lewis

I'm going to post the grad films that were completed this past year by our participants.  At some point I'll organize it enough so that everyone's stuff is collected together, but for now, you'll see it as I post it.
Here's a quickie: Dr Decapus, by Scott Lewis.

Dr. Decapus from Scott Lewis on Vimeo.

Introduction: Rebecca David

Bio: A survivor of the Traditional Animation program at Algonquin College, Rebecca hopes to animate in the industry and learn as much as she can so she can make real cartoons someday. If she could do anything for the rest of her life, she would sit around in her pajamas and draw robots fighting dinosaurs.

Rebecca is working with Melissa Courville on: "Your Imaginary Friend"
Synopsis: A troubled boy finds help and comfort in his imaginary friend.
More of Rebecca here:

Monday, July 11, 2011

Introduction: Kat Shepley

Here's Kaitlyn Shepley, another of our participants.

Bio: Kaitlyn Shepley is a recent traditional animation grad from Algonquin College. When she's not animating, she can be found posing majestically with her iguana and talking about the fruit du jour.

She's working the previously-introduced Ryan Wright on;
"Blast Off"
Synopsis: A short film about how dreams can slip away from you if you let them.

You can find her blog over here:

Introductions: Ryan Wright

And here's Ryan Wright.

BIO:  Ryan is a recent graduate of the Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology Animation Program. Cartoons and video games occupy most of his time whether it's for work or entertainment.

Ryan is working with Kaitlyn Shepley on:
"Blast Off"
Synopsis:  A short film about how dreams can slip away from you if you let them.

You can find Ryan's work here:

Ryan made a very cool film this past year, I'll post it soon.

Introductions: Katherine Ellsworth

Her's one of our intrepid film-makers, Kat Ellsworth:

BIO:  Katherine Ellsworth is an emerging animator from Hallville, Ontario. A recent grad from Algonquin college, she is currently working on her second short film and blocking out backgrounds in her spare time. She enjoys dressing fancy and going to movies. She dislikes green peppers and MMA.

And here's what she's working on: 
Untitled Ninja Project
Synopsis: A young ninja breaks into a palace looking for the greatest treasure, but appearances can be deceiving…

And here's where you can see more of her stuff:
Sketch Book