Sunday, July 31, 2011

You're Invited!

Ms. Strawberry Cupcake formally invites you to Mr. Souffle's surprise birthday party!

When: Sept. 1st 2011

Where: this blog

Bring your own sprinkles.

Being freshly graduated and new to the animation industry brings lots of energy drains, like frustration, excitement and I'm too tired to think of a third thing. Dumping a new film on top of this is certainly no less than a challenge; one I entered with a sparkle in one eye and a twitch in the other. That's part of the appeal though. Finding something you want to devote lots of time and energy to is always special.

Above is a background minus some elements that will be animated. Below is a quick animation experiment. More to follow hopefully soon.

Surprise Party Animation Test from Scott Lewis on Vimeo.

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